Mt. Pleasant Sees Surge in Dispensary Openings

October 4th, 2023 Business & Industry
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Ever since Michigan greenlit the use of marijuana in 2018, the state has witnessed a proliferation of dispensaries catering to both adult-recreational and medicinal consumers. Mt. Pleasant, in particular, is emerging as a hotspot for new dispensaries. This trend was further accelerated when the city decided to lift the restrictions on the number of dispensaries allowed within its limits.

Previously, the city had set a range, limiting the number to between 3-5 dispensaries. This cap didn't sit well with several aspiring business owners, leading to four lawsuits filed in 2020. Following deliberations, the city chose to remove the cap altogether, paving the way for more businesses to set up shop.

Manuela Powidayko, Mt. Pleasant's Director of Planning and Community Development, observed, "Marijuana license applications have been a frequent sight since I took up my role. The casino, university, and the city's tourism pull might be driving the perceived demand in the market."

To open a dispensary in Mt. Pleasant, businesses must navigate a detailed process. This includes obtaining the necessary licenses and qualifications from both the state and city, presenting and refining site plans, and participating in public hearings. All of this ensures compliance with the city's codes and guidelines.

Among the new dispensaries slated to launch in Mt. Pleasant are The Woods, located at 502 N. Mission Street, and High Society Dispensary, taking over the former Family Video spot at 317 N. Mission Street, which shut its doors in 2021.

"The High Society Dispensary, now occupying the old Family Video premises, is on the verge of completion. We're expecting a call for final inspections soon, post which they'll seek the State of Michigan's approval for opening," stated Mt. Pleasant Building Official Brian Kench. Similarly, The Woods has secured their final nod and are in talks with the state for their closing approval.

As Mt. Pleasant continues to evolve, we can anticipate the arrival of both independent and larger chain dispensaries in the coming years.

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