Munising Cannabis Co. to Shut Down Despite Local Popularity

November 28th, 2023 Business & Industry
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The Munising Cannabis Company is slated to cease operations permanently by the end of this year, after just one year in business. Jody Irving, the General Manager of Munising Cannabis Co., highlighted the company's unique approach and the financial burdens it entailed.

Unlike traditional dispensaries, Munising Cannabis Co. operated as a microbusiness, which subjected it to different regulatory constraints affecting its sales and production processes. "Our entire operation was self-contained. We grew our cannabis, processed it, and created our edibles all in-house. While this approach was aligned with our vision, it proved to be financially unsustainable, involving high costs in growing, labor, and overall management," explained Irving.

As the company prepares to close, it is currently offering a 40% discount on all items, a promotion that is expected to increase in the coming weeks. Despite the impending closure, Irving expressed pride in the company's achievements, "We aimed to make Munising proud. Being the only microbusiness in the Upper Peninsula and receiving recognition as the number one in the state by Michigan Green State magazine were significant milestones for us. However, these accolades were not sufficient to keep our business viable."

The company's struggles were exacerbated by its late opening in October of the previous year, missing the crucial tourist season. This delay was attributed to state-level procedural setbacks. "Starting a business in the winter, especially in a tourist-dependent area, posed its own set of challenges," Irving remarked.

The closure of Munising Cannabis Co. will affect its six employees, who are now seeking employment elsewhere. The tentative closing date is set for December 27th, after which the building will be put up for sale or lease. The decision to shut down comes amidst stiff competition from two other marijuana dispensaries in the area and the high costs of maintaining its unique microbusiness model.

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