Networking on the Greens: Michigan's Cannabis Golfers Swing into Summer

May 9th, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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The Michigan Cannabis Golfers Association (CGA) is set to begin its fifth season with a series of exciting golf scrambles across various prestigious golf courses. This initiative, which commences on June 3rd at Orchard Hills Country Club in Buchanan, not only offers a unique networking opportunity for cannabis industry professionals but also aims to foster community engagement and challenge the existing cannabis stigmas.

Founded by Rick Anstiss, the CGA has grown into a significant platform for both cannabis enthusiasts and the general public. The association provides a welcoming environment where individuals can connect over golf, regardless of their cannabis consumption preferences. This year, apart from the inaugural event in Buchanan, additional scrambles are scheduled for June 22nd at Coldwater Country Club and September 28th at Indian Lake Hills in Eau Claire.

During a recent interview, Rick Anstiss discussed the evolution of these golf events from a simple annual outing known as the Hazy Holes Cannabis Classic to a broader networking platform under the CGA umbrella. He emphasized the inclusive nature of these gatherings, which are designed to cater to a diverse group of participants, including consumers, product developers, and dispensary owners. Golf courses that participate in these events also experience an increase in public engagement, which helps in gradually shifting perceptions about cannabis use on golf courses.

The CGA's events are not just about golf; they offer a comparative experience to traditional golf outings where alcohol might be involved. This approach helps in normalizing cannabis as part of recreational activities, much like a mild drink might be. Rick further explained that the association is still developing its membership structure, but the focus remains on providing valuable experiences through these golf events.

Each golf scramble allows for a wide participation range, attracting hundreds of golfers, including repeat attendees and newcomers from across the state. The events have been a melting pot, attracting various companies from different regions, including Detroit and Wayne. This diverse attendance not only boosts networking opportunities but also enhances exposure for local cannabis brands and laboratories, fostering a better understanding and cooperation among different stakeholders in the cannabis industry.

For those interested in joining the Michigan Cannabis Golfers Association's upcoming events or learning more about the membership details, information is available on their official website,, as well as on their social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook.

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