New Buffalo Township Hits Pause on Dispensary Licenses After Receiving 35 Applications

March 15th, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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New Buffalo Township has announced a temporary halt on the consideration of additional cannabis dispensary licenses following a surge in applications, having received a total of 35. This decision comes at a time when the township currently hosts only two operational dispensaries. The potential approval of all 35 applications would surpass the number of dispensaries in Detroit, highlighting the significant interest in the cannabis industry within the area.

Township officials have expressed concerns over the rapid increase in license requests, despite the promise of substantial tax revenue benefits. The decision to pause was influenced heavily by feedback from the local community, with the majority of residents voicing concerns over the implications of such an expansion.

Michelle Heit, the Supervisor of New Buffalo Township, reflected on the community's input, noting, "I'd say everyone that spoke tonight, other than maybe one person, was a local person. And the impact on them is what really helped make our decision." This statement underscores the township's commitment to considering the residents' perspectives in its regulatory decisions.

Applicants interested in submitting their license applications for consideration have been given a deadline until Monday. This includes submissions that may only be partially complete, indicating the township's willingness to review all potential entrants before finalizing its decision on the current moratorium.

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