New Dispensary by Misty Mountain Cannabis Opens, Boosting Big Rapids' Cannabis Scene

January 24th, 2024 Business & Industry
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In a significant development for the cannabis community in Big Rapids, Michigan, Misty Mountain Cannabis is set to open a new dispensary at 702 Perry Ave., a site previously occupied by Rair Cannabis Company. This move marks an expansion of Misty Mountain Acquisitions' presence in the state and is part of their broader strategy to connect with diverse customer bases across Michigan.

Mark de Souza, CEO of Misty Mountain Acquisitions, emphasized the company's commitment to fostering a rich cannabis culture and offering a wide range of high-quality products. He noted that their focus extends beyond product offerings to include strong partnerships with employees and customers, making Michigan a key focus for their operations.

Misty Mountain Cannabis already has development plans for three other dispensaries in Michigan, located in Bay City, Muskegon, and Ann Arbor. The company's approach is centered around celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of local cannabis growers and producers. Their website highlights their commitment to showcasing these local talents and providing a diverse selection of products.

For the Big Rapids location, de Souza expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities this new site presents. He stressed the importance of competitive positioning within the neighborhood and the company's affection for the city itself. The store plans to offer a comprehensive range of cannabis products, including bulk flower, pre-packed quantities, pre-rolls, distillate carts, concentrates, gummies, chocolates, and a variety of edibles.

A key aspect of Misty Mountain Cannabis's strategy is to integrate customer feedback into their product line, ensuring that the offerings align with consumer preferences and needs. This customer-focused approach extends to their commitment to local partnerships, which is a cornerstone of their business model. The company prioritizes working with Michigan growers, suppliers, and artisans, emphasizing the quality and diversity of the state's cannabis products.

Compliance with Michigan's dispensary laws and guidelines is a top priority for Misty Mountain Cannabis. De Souza highlighted the importance of proper product information, labeling, and educated budtenders who can respond knowledgeably to consumer inquiries. This focus on education and compliance is part of the company's broader strategy to provide a safe and responsible retail experience.

Additionally, Misty Mountain Cannabis takes measures to prevent sales to third-party sellers or minors. The company is meticulous in ensuring that consumers are well-informed about the products' efficacy and strength before purchase.

The new dispensary is expected to create approximately 12-15 jobs in Big Rapids, with a focus on hiring local residents for managerial and staff positions. While de Souza did not commit to specific community contributions, he indicated that assuming successful operations, the company would consider supporting local medical or educational charities, reflecting their commitment to community building.

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