Only Alien Cannabis Co.: A Trailblazing Seed-to-Smoke Lounge in Kalamazoo

February 27th, 2024 Business & Industry
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In Kalamazoo, Michigan, a groundbreaking venture is changing the landscape of cannabis culture. Only Alien Cannabis Co. has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the cannabis industry, combining a Class A microgrow operation with a consumption lounge, offering a seed-to-smoke experience that is first of its kind in the state. Located at 4525 West KL Ave, this establishment is the brainchild of co-owners Royal Laraway IV, Marty Webber, George Webber, and Gabe Barham, who have transformed the former Great Lakes Shipping Co. restaurant into a modern sanctuary for cannabis enthusiasts.

Only Alien is not just a lounge but a holistic cannabis community hub. It is among only three venues in Michigan where cannabis can be legally purchased, consumed, and appreciated in a social setting, standing out for its unique combination of cultivation and consumption under one roof. The lounge's inception is a testament to the evolving attitudes toward cannabis, bridging the gap between the plant's prohibition past and its accepted future.

Revolutionizing the Cannabis Experience

The ethos of Only Alien revolves around three core principles: quality, community, and safety. This is not merely a place for cannabis consumption but a designed environment to foster connections and celebrate the plant's culture. The lounge's meticulous attention to detail, from its space-themed décor to its advanced air filtration system, and the emphasis on a safe, inclusive environment underscore its revolutionary approach. With armed security and a strict no alcohol policy, Only Alien ensures a secure and welcoming atmosphere for its patrons.

A Unique Seed-to-Smoke Journey

What sets Only Alien apart is its on-site microgrow operation, which currently nurtures 300 plants with plans for expansion. This not only guarantees the freshness and exclusivity of their product but also enriches the consumer's experience by offering a glimpse into the entire lifecycle of cannabis, from seed to smoke. While the lounge's in-house plants are maturing, customers can enjoy infused products, adhering to the lounge's policy of on-site consumption only.

Fostering a Vibrant Cannabis Community

The founders of Only Alien envision the lounge as more than a business; it's a platform for building a vibrant, informed, and engaged cannabis community. The space is designed to be a judgment-free zone where individuals can share experiences, learn, and grow together. With plans to integrate music events and possibly food options, Only Alien is poised to become a central hub for cannabis culture in Kalamazoo and beyond.

A Safe Haven for Cannabis Use

Acknowledging the legalities and safety concerns associated with cannabis use, Only Alien provides a responsible environment for consumption. The lounge's approach to safety extends to educating patrons on the importance of not driving under the influence, with Michigan State Police reminding users of the legal implications. Only Alien encourages the use of alternative transportation options to ensure the well-being of its community.


Only Alien Cannabis Co. stands as a pioneering model for the future of cannabis consumption lounges. By creating a space that marries cultivation and consumption with a strong sense of community and safety, it not only pushes the boundaries of the industry but also offers a glimpse into a future where cannabis is fully integrated into the social fabric. As it grows, Only Alien continues to invite everyone 21 and over to be part of a unique, evolving cannabis culture, making it a landmark destination in Michigan's cannabis landscape.

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