Over 2,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys to be Donated by Puff Cannabis Company

November 11th, 2023 Culture & Lifestyle
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In the rapidly evolving landscape of Michigan's cannabis market, Puff Cannabis Company has emerged as a notable player, not only for its high-quality cannabis products but also for its deep commitment to community engagement. Founded and led by Justin Elias, Puff Cannabis Company has, in a span of just four years, expanded its footprint to 12 dispensary locations across Michigan, with plans for further expansion in 2024.

Justin Elias, the Founder and President of Puff Cannabis Company, articulates his vision with a clear sense of purpose and passion. "From the outset, our goal has been twofold: to provide top-notch cannabis products and to cultivate a team that is both knowledgeable and focused on our customers," Elias stated. This dual focus on quality products and customer service has been a cornerstone of the company's rapid growth and success.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, Puff Cannabis Company is demonstrating its commitment to the communities it serves in a tangible and impactful way. In an initiative that transcends mere business operations, the company has announced that it will be giving away over 2,500 turkeys to those in need. This generous act is not limited to their customers but extends to anyone in need within their community. This initiative is a clear reflection of the company's ethos of giving back to the society that supports them.

With dispensaries located in key areas including Madison Heights, Utica, Bay City, Hamtramck, Traverse City, Oscoda, Sturgis, River Rouge, Kalamazoo, and Monroe, Puff Cannabis is not just expanding its business footprint; it is also deepening its community roots. This approach of growing alongside the community is a testament to the company's understanding of its role as a corporate citizen.

Reflecting on his personal experiences, Elias shared his thoughts on the significance of the Thanksgiving holiday. "Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and celebrate. It's also a time to remember those less fortunate," he remarked. This sentiment is deeply ingrained in the company's philosophy and is evident in their community-focused initiatives.

  • River Rouge, 11397 W. Jefferson – Wednesday, November 15
  • Hamtramck, 11931 Joseph Campau – Wednesday, November 15
  • Madison Heights, 2 Ajax Drive – Friday, November 17
  • Utica, 44825 Van Dyke Ave – Friday, November 17
  • Monroe, 14750 LaPlaisance Rd. Suite 180 – Friday, November 17
  • Kalamazoo, 4305 Portage St – Friday, November 17
  • Oscoda, 635 S. State St – Saturday, November 18
  • Bay City, 1680 Marquette Ave – Saturday, November 18
  • Sturgis, 651 Wade Rd. – Tuesday, November 21
  • Traverse City, 1226 S Garfield Ave – Saturday, November 18

Puff Cannabis Company's approach to business in Michigan's cannabis industry sets a benchmark for others. It's not just about being a successful business but also about being a responsible and contributing member of the community. As the company continues to grow and expand, its commitment to quality products and community support remains unwavering, making it a distinguished name in Michigan's cannabis sector.

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