Over $6 Million in Cannabis Confiscated in Highland Park by Michigan State Police

February 23rd, 2024 Legal & Crime Ryan Spegal
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In a significant operation on Wednesday, February 21st, the Michigan State Police dismantled a substantial illegal cannabis cultivation facility in the Detroit metropolitan area, confiscating over 4,000 cannabis plants along with a substantial quantity of processed cannabis. This action marks a notable enforcement effort against unlicensed cannabis operations within the state.

Initiated in 2023, the investigation targeted a large-scale cultivation operation in Highland Park. Michigan State Police's diligent efforts uncovered that the suspects involved had not secured the necessary medical or recreational cannabis licenses, leading to the execution of a search warrant at the premises.

The haul from the operation included more than 4,000 cannabis plants, 213 pounds of processed cannabis, and 362 pounds of drying flower stalks. The Michigan State Police estimate the market value of the seized substances at approximately $6.3 million, highlighting the significant scale of the illegal operation.

The investigation, conducted by the MSP Second District's Marijuana & Tobacco Investigation Section, began in late fall 2023. Despite the complexities involved, the team was able to confirm the facility's operations were in violation of Michigan's cannabis regulations, lacking the necessary licenses for both the suspects and the facility.

With the price of cannabis currently standing at $93 per ounce for products sold through licensed establishments as per the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) guidelines, the seizure represents a major disruption to illegal cannabis trade in the region.

As of this report, no arrests or charges have been made public in connection with the operation.

Michigan's stance on cannabis has evolved significantly, with the state's voters approving the legal use of recreational cannabis in 2018. The law permits adults in Michigan to possess cannabis in limited quantities and cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants for personal use. However, large-scale cultivation and sales operations require appropriate licensing, underscoring the importance of compliance with state regulations.

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