Pleasantrees Unveils Mystery Weed Contest with a Grand Miami Getaway Prize

January 3rd, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle Ryan Spegal
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Pleasantrees has launched an innovative contest, the Mystery Weed contest, offering cannabis enthusiasts an engaging way to test their knowledge of various strains. In a unique twist that extends the festive spirit into the New Year, Pleasantrees is introducing mystery strains throughout January, challenging consumers to identify them correctly for exciting rewards.

During this month, Pleasantrees is bringing back four of its most popular cannabis strains, but with a catch: their identities are hidden. To be in the running for the grand prize, participants need to correctly guess all four mystery strains. Those who successfully identify three out of the four will still win a prize – a free ounce of Pleasantrees’ premium craft cannabis.

To be eligible for the contest, participants must be members of the Loyaltrees loyalty program at the time of their contest entry. Joining the program is easy and free, accessible through the Pleasantrees app, by texting "JOIN" to (313) 662-2747, or by visiting their rewards website.

The mystery strains will be available for purchase in 1/8th quantities for a limited time. An entry form for the Mystery Weed contest can be accessed via a QR code in-store at the time of purchase. This form will offer a hint for each strain, aiding participants in their guesses. The strains will feature a diverse range of terpene profiles and effects, adding to the challenge and intrigue.

The highlight of the contest is the grand prize – a trip for two to Miami, Florida, which includes airfare and a two-night hotel stay. The contest concludes on January 31st, 2024, and is open to participants 21 years of age or older.

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