Prefabricated Restrooms Approved for Rotary Park, Funded by Cannabis Taxes

July 9th, 2024 Environment & Sustainability
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In a significant development for the Rotary Park renovation project, the Coldwater City Council approved a plan last night to purchase a prefabricated restroom building. This decision marks the initial component of Phase 1 of the Rotary Park Redevelopment Project.

City Manager Keith Baker and the project's landscape architect highlighted the benefits of choosing a prefabricated structure. The 10-foot by 17-foot facility, which includes two unisex bathrooms, is a cost-effective solution that allows for quick and efficient installation. Prefabricated restrooms are particularly advantageous in areas with poor soil conditions and are designed to reduce vandalism and maintenance costs. The restrooms are expected to be delivered within 12 to 16 weeks.

A notable aspect of this project is its funding source. The Rotary Park renovation is financed by Coldwater’s allocation from the State of Michigan's cannabis tax revenue, as outlined in the 2024-2025 city budget. The use of cannabis sales taxes for community projects like this reflects the growing impact of cannabis legalization on local infrastructure improvements.

Baker noted that the $152,270 cost of the prefabricated restrooms is significantly lower than the recently completed site-built downtown restroom building, underscoring the financial efficiency of this approach.

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