Private Reserve OG from Premier Cannabis Farms - A Review and Insightful Interview

November 12th, 2023 Products & Reviews
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Our friend, Gas & Middies, recently explored Premier Cannabis Farms' Private Reserve OG, a notable parent strain of their Spartan OG. This product, purchased at House of Dank for $30, stems from a craft grow operation near Lansing/East Lansing, Michigan.

About Premier Cannabis Farms

  • Location: Potterville, MI, near Lansing.
  • Approach: Artisanal, with a focus on hands-on processes including hand-watering, trimming, and packing.
  • Size: Small-scale, with 65 flower lights and six full-time employees.
  • Products: Known for strains like 517HEADBAND, TRIKS, and Rainbow Runtz.
  • Special Features: Utilizes double-ended lights, organic nutrients, and a peat-based soilless medium.

Insights from the Interview

  • Premier Cannabis Farms emphasizes traditional growing methods without compromising quality for profit.
  • They engage in in-house pheno searching for unique strains, avoiding reliance on investors or celebrity endorsements.
  • The team has a strong connection to East Lansing and Michigan State University.
  • Packaging choice: Glass jars over Mylar to reduce plastic usage and preserve quality.
  • Future plans include collaborations for concentrates and new strain releases.

Private Reserve OG Review

  • THC: 24.57%, CBD: 0.058%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 29.511%.
  • Terpene Profile: High in D-Limonene, Linalool, and B-Myrcene.
  • Appearance: Large, fluffy nugs that break down smoothly.
  • Aroma & Flavor: A unique blend reminiscent of cream soda with a hint of lemon, offering a creamy, sweet, and earthy experience.
  • Overall Impression: Premier Cannabis Farms excels in producing OG strains, with Private Reserve OG being a standout for its unique taste profile and quality cultivation.


Premier Cannabis Farms represents what many seek in a cannabis grower: a small, artisanal operation that balances traditional and innovative strains, presented in eco-friendly packaging. For OG lovers, Private Reserve OG and Spartan OG are highly recommended. Premier Cannabis Farms is a testament to the impact of smaller, quality-focused growers in the cannabis industry.

For a more detailed review and the full interview, visit Gas & Middies. Your source for Michigan cannabis reviews & information. Finding the gas ⛽ through all of the middies 🥱

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