Remembering Rhory Gould: A Pillar of Michigan's Cannabis Community

March 4th, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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The Michigan cannabis community mourns the loss of Rhory Gould, a luminary in the state's cannabis culture and a cherished friend to many. Rhory, the esteemed founder and CEO of ArborSide Compassion in Ann Arbor, passed away recently, leaving behind a legacy of activism, innovation, and compassion that has significantly shaped the local cannabis landscape.

A Life of Compassion and Leadership

Rhory Gould was not just a name in the cannabis industry; he was a visionary who lived his life with a profound sense of purpose and commitment to the community. For over 35 years, Rhory dedicated himself to cannabis activism, tirelessly working to destigmatize its use and advocate for the rights of patients and consumers. In 2011, he founded ArborSide Compassion, a dispensary that quickly rose to prominence as one of Michigan's top provisioning centers.

ArborSide Compassion, under Rhory's leadership, became a beacon for quality, care, and innovation in the cannabis sector. Servicing over 1,200 patients weekly, the dispensary has garnered widespread acclaim, securing more than 22 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup awards. These accolades not only highlight the dispensary's commitment to excellence but also Rhory's inventive spirit, particularly through the creation of original edibles crafted by in-house chefs.

Educator and Mentor

Beyond his entrepreneurial achievements, Rhory was a revered mentor and educator within the cannabis community. He established an annual grow seminar coinciding with Ann Arbor's Hash Bash, attracting industry giants like Kyle Kushman, Ed Rosenthal, and DJ Short, among others. These seminars underscored Rhory's dedication to spreading knowledge and fostering a culture of learning and innovation in cannabis cultivation and use.

A Legacy Beyond Words

Rhory Gould's impact extends far beyond his professional accomplishments. He was a beacon of friendship, warmth, and genuine kindness, touching the lives of everyone he encountered. His departure leaves a void that reverberates through the hearts of those who knew him, a testament to the indelible mark he made on both personal and professional levels.

The community comes together in this time of grief, finding solace in shared memories and the enduring legacy of love and unity Rhory championed. His spirit, laughter, and lessons continue to inspire those he left behind, ensuring that his contributions to the cannabis community and the world at large will not be forgotten.

A Final Farewell

Rhory Gould's life and legacy are a reminder of the profound impact one individual can have on a community. As we bid farewell to a true pioneer, we are reminded of the importance of compassion, advocacy, and innovation. Rhory's memory will live on in the hearts of those he touched, the community he built, and the industry he helped shape. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and all those mourning this immense loss.

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