Roseville City Council Approves Six Recreational Marijuana Facilities

September 13th, 2023 Legislation & Policy Updates
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Following an extensive evaluation period, the Roseville City Council authorized licenses for six recreational marijuana facilities on Tuesday evening. The majority of these establishments are slated for the Groesbeck Highway industrial area.

Out of 47 applications, the selectees emerged after careful review by a five-person committee comprising department chiefs and community influencers. They considered numerous factors, such as site visits, legal feedback, and expert insights.

City Manager Ryan Monroe highlighted the vast volume of details each cannabis company furnished as a primary reason for the extended evaluation. "Some of the submissions were akin to multiple phone books in thickness," Monroe commented.

Recreational cannabis won Michigan voters' approval in 2018. The businesses granted the retail licenses are Blooming Rose, Jars, Canna Square, Vendco, Herbwealth, and FA Ventures. Notably, Canna Square will be located off Groesbeck, opting for Hayes Road near 12 Mile Road.

Initially set to endorse only five licenses, the Council extended this to six upon noticing tied final scores amongst contenders. Additionally, licenses were provided to six entities for cannabis processing and packaging, five for cultivation, and one for micro-business operations catering to smaller marijuana ventures and past caregivers.

Rob Huth, attorney for Jars, endorsed the fairness of Roseville's process and emphasized that licensed companies are bound to honor their commitment to the community. "There's an expectation of community contributions. It's a mutual agreement that benefits both parties, and the courts have supported this reciprocity," stated Huth.

Mayor Robert Taylor, although historically against cannabis legalization, respects the democratic outcome. The city has implemented safety measures, such as maintaining a distance from educational and residential zones. Taylor envisions reviving some of Roseville's neglected structures with the incoming businesses, fostering a "win-win" scenario for the city.

However, with his background in law enforcement, the Mayor does voice concerns over potential burdens on city services and the added issue of driving under the influence. "My apprehensions stem from witnessing the impacts firsthand," Taylor noted, "It's crucial we remain vigilant and ensure the safety of our community."

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