Royalton Township Residents to Decide on Cannabis Dispensary Limits

March 22nd, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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Residents of Royalton Township in Southwest Michigan will soon have the chance to decide on a significant local issue: the potential introduction of up to three cannabis dispensaries within their community's boundaries. This comes as proponents of the initiative successfully submitted approximately 150 signatures earlier this week, aiming to place the question on the ballot for the May Primary Election.

Royalton Township Clerk Rachel Bernard confirmed that out of these submissions, 133 signatures were validated against the required 132, thus qualifying the measure for inclusion on the upcoming ballot. Bernard noted that the primary reason for the disqualification of the remaining signatures was that they belonged to individuals not registered to vote in Royalton Township.

Should the residents vote in favor, the ordinance will cap the number of cannabis-related businesses at three each for growers, processors, microbusinesses, and retail outlets. However, it explicitly prohibits the operation of secure transporters, safety compliance facilities, places for cannabis consumption, venues for temporary cannabis events, or any other types of cannabis establishments not specifically allowed by the ordinance.

Demographic information from the United States Census in 2022 indicates that Royalton Township has a population of 5,141, with approximately 2,084 residents aged 50 and over. This demographic detail adds a layer of context to the upcoming decision, reflecting the diverse age groups that may weigh in on the future of cannabis businesses in their locale.

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