Safe Harbor Financial Boosts Michigan Cannabis Operator with $4.6 Million Credit Facility

March 12th, 2024 Business & Industry
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Safe Harbor Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHFS), known for its leading role in providing banking, payment, and financial services to the regulated cannabis industry, has recently facilitated a $4.6 million credit facility for a Michigan-based cannabis operator. This financial arrangement is secured against a portfolio of four dispensaries and is aimed at supporting the operator's growth initiatives within the state, particularly in enhancing its cultivation and retail sectors.

This move adds to Safe Harbor's impressive loan book, which now boasts over $60 million in outstanding loans and commitments. This marks a significant growth from its previous figures, underlining the company's rapid expansion and the diversity of its loan portfolio. This portfolio includes 25 cannabis real estate assets spread across 10 states, encompassing every segment of the cannabis industry's value chain.

Dan Roda, Safe Harbor Financial's Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, emphasized the company's pivotal role in addressing the distinct and developing financial needs of cannabis operators nationwide. By offering competitive rates and financial structures, Safe Harbor has not only enhanced its customer acquisition strategies but also introduced new revenue streams beyond its traditional deposit-related fees. This strategic expansion of its credit offerings underlines Safe Harbor's commitment to diversify its revenue base and strengthen its market position through increased loan origination activities.

Roda's statement reflects the company's successful trajectory from managing a loan book of just under $20 million to surpassing $60 million within a year. This growth underscores Safe Harbor's strategic efforts to scale its operations and further solidify its foothold in the financial services sector catering to the cannabis industry.

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