Saginaw Shooting Over Marijuana Dispute Leaves One Dead

September 19th, 2023 Legal & Crime
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In the chilly days leading up to Christmas, amidst the festive fervor and joyful anticipation, a chilling incident unfolded in the quiet town of Saginaw, casting a shadow over the celebrations. At a seemingly innocuous locale - a car wash named Tae & G's Hand Wash and More, situated on 2211 E. Holland Ave. (M-46) - a group of friends gathered, sharing stories, laughter, and sips of prescription cough syrup. Their jovial evening was soon to be marred by violence and tragedy, forever etching December 13th into the annals of Saginaw's history.

Central to this narrative were several key players, each with their roles to play in the unfolding drama. Delano C. "Scootie" Green, a 31-year-old Saginaw native, known for his love of motorcycles, music, and the infectious laughter he brought to every gathering. Allen J. Foster, a 35-year-old, who, as events would reveal, had connections and grievances related to Green. Marcus T. Gilmer, a 33-year-old co-owner of the car wash where the incident took place, and an unnamed third individual, shrouded in mystery but deeply implicated in the evening's events.

While festive lights twinkled in homes and Christmas carols played in the background, these lives collided in a whirlwind of accusations, confrontations, and ultimately, gunfire. This article dives deep into the sequence of events, eyewitness accounts, and the subsequent investigation to paint a comprehensive picture of that fateful night.

The Confrontation

On the night of December 13th, surveillance cameras inside the office of Tae & G's Hand Wash and More captured a serene setting: Green, Gilmer, and a few others were hanging out, laughing, chatting, and sipping on what a witness later described as cough syrup. The tranquility was punctured by an alarming sight. A car pulled up outside the car wash, its hazard lights glaring ominously. Out stepped a man in a hooded sweatshirt, a handgun conspicuously dangling from it. This was not a casual visitor; the atmosphere instantly turned tense.

As the man entered the office, he confronted Green. A witness recognized this man's voice and identified him as Allen J. Foster, a name that was familiar to many present, having been a regular customer at the car wash. The mood escalated quickly. Green, possibly sensing danger, drew out a handgun and pointed it squarely at Foster. Another individual tried to mediate, placing himself between the two to de-escalate the escalating crisis.

The bone of contention? Earlier that day, Green was accused of breaking into Foster's house and pilfering marijuana. A heated argument ensued, and as words flew back and forth, another sinister figure approached — a second man, face obscured by a balaclava, cradling a long gun. He walked through the parking lot, heading straight for the car wash's office.

Before anyone could fully grasp the gravity of the situation, the night erupted in a cacophony of gunfire. As the witness recounted, "As I go out the door, that's when the guns start going off." The surveillance footage, played later in court, bore testament to this chaotic scene, showing Green and two others exchanging gunfire, while the masked man took his position in the doorway, firing relentlessly.

In the frantic moments that followed, Green attempted to escape, darting past the balaclava-clad shooter into the parking lot. But fate had a different plan. He collapsed, wounded, and would never rise again. The two shooters, seemingly unfazed, calmly got into their car with the hazard lights still on and drove away, leaving behind a scene of devastation and despair.

Aftermath and Investigation

The eerie silence that followed the chaotic shoot-out was palpable. While the car wash, which was once filled with banter and camaraderie, was now tainted with the tragic loss of Delano C. "Scootie" Green, the ripples of the event were felt across Saginaw.

Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Alicia Baxter, who arrived on the scene, detailed the grim scene she encountered: "I observed a deceased body in front of the building," she said. "There were spent shell casings inside and outside of the building." As the police combed through the crime scene, one of the pivotal pieces of evidence that emerged was the surveillance footage. Though there was an attempt to erase parts of this footage, Detective Sgt. Adam Green of the MSP's Audio-Video Analysis Unit could recover the files, showcasing the horrific events of that night.

Concurrently, Flint Police Officer S. Jones had an unexpected encounter at Hurley Medical Center. Allen J. Foster, one of the main suspects, turned up in the early hours of December 14th with two gunshot wounds to his abdomen. Although reluctant to share details about how he sustained the injuries, Foster's appearance at the medical center only thickened the plot. His story about being shot in a driveway in Flint raised eyebrows, especially when no evidence of such a shooting was discovered at the alleged location.

As the investigation deepened, Marcus T. Gilmer, co-owner of the car wash and one of Green's close friends, found himself in a precarious position. He was taken in for questioning on December 15th. While he hadn't been read his Miranda rights, he willingly spoke about Green's alleged theft, emphasizing his efforts to retrieve the stolen marijuana. A critical piece of information that surfaced was Gilmer's exclusive access to the car wash's camera system. Though he suggested a power outage had compromised the password protection, it raised questions about potential tampering with evidence.

Amid the hunt for clarity and justice, the law was closing in on the suspects. On February 21st, warrants were issued for Foster, Gilmer, and a third unidentified accomplice involved in Green's tragic demise. By February 27th, both Foster and Gilmer were in custody.

Legal Proceedings and Implications

The legal ramifications surrounding the fatal shooting are comprehensive and highlight the complexity of the incident. Following the grim event, meticulous investigative procedures were undertaken by the Michigan State Police and other authorities, leading to several breakthroughs.

In a significant step towards justice, on April 14th, the courtroom bore witness to a vivid recounting of the incident during the preliminary examination of Allen J. Foster, 35, and Marcus T. Gilmer, 33. Foster was charged with an array of serious crimes, including open murder, conspiracy to commit murder, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, felon in possession of a firearm, and three counts of second-offense felony firearm. Conversely, Gilmer, who was also a co-owner of the car wash, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The court became a site for an unveiling of evidence as Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Shellbe A. Sanborn played the soundless video footage from the car wash's surveillance cameras. The footage corroborated much of what the key witness testified to, further consolidating the prosecution's case.

However, the road to justice is fraught with challenges. Not only did authorities have to deal with a third suspect who remains at large, but they also grappled with the issue of potential tampering of evidence. The discovery that some surveillance footage could have been wiped or deleted raised concerns over potential obstruction of justice.

Detective Sgt. Adam Green's testimony proved pivotal in this context. The expertise of the MSP's Audio-Video Analysis Unit was crucial in recovering deleted footage from the car wash's DVR system, which might turn out to be a decisive element in the case.

The trial also revealed a landscape of fear and reluctance among potential witnesses. Saginaw County District Judge David D. Hoffman granted a request to prohibit the media from publishing the names of civilian witnesses, a decision stemming from concerns about their safety and privacy. This not only underscores the seriousness of the crime but also hints at an underlying climate of intimidation.

While Gilmer and Foster were arrested in late February, the quest for justice is far from over. The case continues to unravel, and its outcome will have significant implications, not just for the accused but also for the community's faith in the justice system.

Saginaw's Crime Landscape and Green's Legacy

The unfortunate death of Delano C. "Scootie" Green is not an isolated incident but rather a poignant reminder of the escalating violence that has gripped Saginaw. In 2022, Green's demise marked the 19th and final homicide in the city. Alarmingly, of these 19 fatalities, 16 were the result of gun violence, shedding light on the pressing need for community intervention and strategic law enforcement measures.

Such statistics reveal a deeper issue plaguing Saginaw, where firearm-related incidents have become increasingly commonplace. This pattern of violence not only disrupts the daily lives of its residents but also casts a shadow of fear, eroding the sense of safety and community. Furthermore, local businesses like Tae & G's Hand Wash and More, which once thrived as local hangouts, are now marred with the stigma of crime, further affecting the socio-economic dynamics of the area.

However, amid the grim statistics and the tragic loss of life, the story of Delano Green stands out. A Saginaw native, Green was known to many as more than just a news headline. The youngest among three siblings, Green had a zest for life that was palpable to those around him. He was passionate about riding his motorcycle, tinkering with cars, enjoying music, and relishing a good laugh. His humorous anecdotes and warm presence would often light up gatherings.

For Saginaw, the hope remains that such tragic incidents catalyze efforts towards community healing, fostering environments where the likes of Green can thrive, laugh, and live without the looming threat of violence.

Delano C. Green

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