Series of Smash-and-Grabs Plague Detroit Cannabis Dispensaries

January 25th, 2024 Legal & Crime
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Detroit's cannabis dispensaries have recently fallen victim to a series of smash-and-grab incidents, resulting in significant property damage and the theft of marijuana products. The first of these incidents occurred on Monday near the intersection of Wyoming and Puritan, where a black pickup truck reversed into a dispensary. Witnesses reported several masked individuals exiting the vehicle and stealing barrels of marijuana.

On the same day, another incident was reported by the Detroit Police. A truck had rammed into the back of a dispensary on Schaefer near Eaton, a clear case of breaking and entering. Additionally, a similar occurrence involving a building on Hayes was confirmed, characterized by substantial structural damage.

A local witness, choosing to remain anonymous, pointed out the presence of two nearby dispensaries where marijuana is legally available for purchase.

Further incidents unfolded on Wednesday. Two separate locations – one near Joy and Whitcomb, where the aftermath included significant holes in the building's walls and scattered marijuana plants. Ammar Awada, a resident in the vicinity, expressed his shock over the events but was relieved that no one was injured. He highlighted the need for increased police presence in the area to prevent such occurrences.

The other location was near Auburn and Davison, where a damaged black pickup truck was discovered with its doors ajar, surrounded by bricks, plants, and dirt. The building adjacent to it bore a truck-shaped hole, indicating a similar method of break-in as the previous incidents.

These successive smash-and-grab events have raised concerns about the safety and security of cannabis dispensaries in Detroit, prompting calls for heightened law enforcement and security measures to protect these businesses.

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