Seven Point to Open Unique Cannabis and Vinyl Record Shop in Berkley

April 17th, 2024 Business & Industry
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Construction is currently underway for a new cannabis dispensary in Berkley, Michigan, that promises to blend the sale of cannabis with vinyl records and turntables. Seven Point, the company behind the initiative, plans to offer both recreational and medical cannabis products at its facility located at 28557 Woodward Ave., near Wiltshire Road.

Brad Zerman, CEO and co-founder of Seven Point, emphasized the natural synergy between cannabis and music. "Cannabis and music go hand-in-hand," Zerman stated. The dispensary, which will occupy a 3,400-square-foot space, is anticipated to open this summer.

According to Zerman, cannabis products are expected to constitute over 80% of the dispensary's sales. However, the strategic location in Berkley, along with proximity to Woodward and Royal Oak—areas known for their affinity for records—suggests a promising market for their music-related offerings as well.

Seven Point is setting itself apart by creating a retail environment that mimics a record store, with vinyl and album art decoratively positioned alongside cannabis products. Customers will experience an educational journey through advanced technology that explains the origins, effects, and consumption methods of various cannabis strains.

As vinyl records continue to surge in popularity, Seven Point aims to create a unique shopping experience where customers can explore records that enhance their cannabis experience. "We will spare no effort in designing this store to deliver the look and vibes of a record store," Zerman added. The store will feature concert videos and music from the vinyl sold there, played on turntables at the sales counter.

Moreover, the dispensary's employees, referred to as budtenders, will provide recommendations on the best cannabis products to pair with different music genres. Zerman believes that Seven Point will offer an immersive experience unmatched by any other dispensary in the area, potentially becoming "the next greatest hit."

In line with its innovative approach, Seven Point is planning several events in Berkley ahead of its opening. These include giveaways and a hiring event, further integrating the dispensary into the local community. Berkley officials have spent considerable time crafting an ordinance for cannabis businesses, with Seven Point set to be the fourth of five allowed in the city.

Zerman, together with his business partner Gabe Ruben—a Berkley High School alumnus—highlight the supportive business environment in Berkley. Mayor Bridget Dean expressed enthusiasm for the new venture, underscoring the diversity and vibrancy of Berkley's business community.

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