Shinola Unveils Grassland Runwell Watch in a Bid for Cannabis Justice Reform

April 11th, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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In a significant move to mark this year's 4/20 celebrations, the renowned Detroit-based watch manufacturer Shinola is set to release the Shinola Grassland Runwell watch. This launch is not just about commemorating the unofficial cannabis holiday but also aims to cast a spotlight on the critical issue of racial disparities in cannabis-related arrests. By introducing this unique timepiece, Shinola endeavors to foster awareness and catalyze the much-needed societal change towards these inequities.

The Shinola Grassland Runwell, scheduled for release on April 20th, symbolizes a significant leap beyond the brand's previous themes of sustainability and paying tribute to American heroes. This watch, developed in collaboration with actor and Michigan's own Isaiah Quincy, carries a profound message of advocating for criminal justice reform, particularly concerning the racial imbalance evident in cannabis arrests.

Isaiah Quincy's involvement with the Shinola Grassland Runwell watch goes beyond mere design collaboration. Quincy stars in the indie film "Grassland," a drama that delves into the social justice issues surrounding cannabis-related arrests and their disproportionate impact on minority communities. This engagement reflects a commitment to leveraging cultural influence for social advocacy, with the watch serving as a tangible symbol of this movement.

Echoing Shinola's commitment to criminal justice reform, the company previously released the "Twenty After Four" Detrola Watch in 2020, a collaborative effort with the artist Common aimed at highlighting similar issues.

The Shinola Grassland Runwell is distinguished not only by its advocacy but also by its design and functionality. Limited to 420 units—a nod to the 4/20 cannabis culture—the watch features a distinct green marker at the 4-o'clock position and a cannabis leaf design within its 6-o'clock chronograph dial. Powered by Shinola's Argonite 1069 movement, this watch promises precision and reliability, wrapped in a message of reform and style.

As Shinola prepares to release this impactful timepiece on April 20th, it stands as a bold statement in the movement for criminal justice reform, marrying style with substance in a bid to challenge and change the narrative around cannabis-related legal disparities.

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