Sweet Cheeks Chocolate Recall in Michigan for Exceeding THC Limits

November 23rd, 2023 Business & Industry
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A recall has been issued for a batch of marijuana-infused chocolates due to concerns that the potency of each dose exceeds the state's legal limits and lacks consistency. The product in question, Sweet Cheeks White Chocolate Booties, was distributed in 94 packages across two locations: Endo in Adrian and Farmhouse Provisioning Center in Gould City, between June 16th and October 17th, 2023. According to David Harns, a spokesperson for the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA), 32 packages have been sold.

The recall, announced by the CRA on November 20th, was initiated because the producer, Bloomfield Development Group Grow, failed to demonstrate that the product met homogeneity standards, and the THC content per serving surpassed the 10 mg limit. Homogeneity refers to the even distribution of THC in each dose. The product, listed in the statewide monitoring system METRC as 'Sweet Cheecks White Chocolate 10 pc' and as 'Sweet Cheeks' on the packaging, is part of a line of THC-infused edibles by Underground Edibles, known for naming products after the human posterior.

Jeffrey Dotson, owner of Bloomfield Development Group Grow, admitted overlooking the homogeneity testing requirement. The chocolates, an extension of a popular dark chocolate version, were produced in a sample run of 100 bags that passed other safety tests. Dotson disclosed that one of the chocolates contained over 17 mg of THC, exceeding the state's maximum limit of 10 mg per recreational dose. He mentioned that dosage instructions, advising consumers to break the chocolates in half, should have been included on the packaging to align with state regulations.

Bloomfield Development Group Grow, which also operates the Golden Shores Cannabis Company brand, is known for its innovative approach, including producing pre-rolled joints with biodegradable beeswax tips containing a wildflower seed. The group, owning Farmhouse Provisioning Center and having facilities in Warren, faced a similar recall in July over chocolate bars with excessive THC levels.

The investigation into Sweet Cheeks began in August following the earlier recall. Dotson confirmed that the edibles have been quarantined and off the market for over a month. Consumers who still possess the recalled product are urged to return it to the retail store for proper disposal. The CRA encourages anyone experiencing adverse health effects from licensed cannabis products to report them through an adverse reaction form or by contacting 517-284-8599. Queries about the recall can be directed to [email protected].

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