The Bloom Brand Partners with Michigan's Yield Distribution to Offer Premium Cannabis Products

April 2nd, 2024 Business & Industry
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The Bloom Brand, recognized for its advancements in cannabis concentrates and vape technology, has announced a strategic alliance with Michigan's premier cannabis distributor, Yield Distribution. This partnership will see Yield Distribution entering an exclusive agreement with Exhale Systems, Bloom's producer and license partner, to market and distribute Bloom products throughout Michigan. This collaboration aims to enhance Michigan's cannabis sector by merging expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to high standards.

Founded in 2014, Bloom has consistently led in the innovation within the cannabis industry, receiving recognition for its high-quality vape concentrates and pioneering consumption technologies designed to mimic the experience of flower consumption. Bloom has established a significant presence in major markets, including California, Illinois, New York, and New Mexico, distinguishing itself as a beacon of excellence and innovation. The company's Surf vaping system, in particular, has been highly regarded, becoming the most popular all-in-one vape device in New Mexico and the second top-selling device of its kind in California.

David Vartolomeu, Director of Business Development at Bloom, expressed the company's strategic approach to partnerships, highlighting the importance of aligning with partners that share Bloom's dedication to quality and excellence. Vartolomeu praised Yield's commitment to its values, strong dispensary networks, and enthusiasm for expanding Bloom's presence in the Midwest.

Under this partnership, Yield Distribution will use its extensive retail network and market insights to introduce Bloom's acclaimed Classic line of concentrates to Michigan's cannabis market. This line features renowned strains such as Maui Wowie, Pineapple Express, King Louie, and Grandaddy Purple (GDP), offering consumers a diverse selection of high-quality options. Additionally, Bloom's seasonal Live and Live Rosin lines will bring a variety of exotic strains to Michigan consumers, with all products available in both 0.5g and 1.0g formats.

Aaron Lanctot, CEO of Yield Distribution, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the shared values and commitment to providing exceptional cannabis experiences that define both companies. He noted that Bloom's dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes them a perfect partner for Yield, reflecting a strong cultural alignment.

As this partnership progresses, Michigan's cannabis consumers can look forward to an expanded offering of premium cannabis products, potentially reshaping the state's cannabis vape market with new standards of quality and selection.

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