Twin Break-Ins at Marijuana Dispensaries Prompt Investigation in Jackson County

October 3rd, 2023 Legal & Crime
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In a concerning pre-dawn string of events on October 1st, two marijuana dispensaries in Jackson County were targeted in what police believe to be coordinated burglaries by an identical group of assailants.

The initial incident transpired at Smart Choice, situated on Falahee Road in Leoni Township. The Blackman-Leoni Township Department of Public Safety revealed that officers were summoned to the scene at approximately 3 a.m. following the activation of a burglar alarm.

Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered forced entry through the store's door, noting that multiple suspects had infiltrated the dispensary, making away with 45 marijuana plants before vanishing from the vicinity.

Security footage from the incident captured images of five individuals, shrouded in masks, forcibly entering the store. The perpetrators were witnessed absconding with the stolen plants, utilizing a white Dodge Durango as their escape vehicle.

A mere four hours following this incident, at approximately 6:52 a.m., officers responded to a second break-in, this time occurring at Kinship Cannabis, located on N. Concord Road in Parma Township.

In a startlingly similar modus operandi, surveillance video from Kinship Cannabis disclosed six masked individuals pilfering an undetermined quantity of plants, once again making their departure in a white Dodge Durango.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office, citing the striking resemblances in the two incidents, posits that both illicit entries were executed by the same cohort of suspects.

As of now, no apprehensions have been made. Investigations into these synchronized thefts continue, with law enforcement seeking any leads or information that could aid in the capture and prosecution of the perpetrators.

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