Two New Marijuana Dispensaries Set to Open in Escanaba

January 4th, 2024 Business & Industry
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In Escanaba, Michigan, two new cannabis dispensaries are set to open in 2024, bringing a fresh dynamic to the local marijuana industry. The former Hudson's Restaurant building, a well-known local landmark, is undergoing a transformation as it prepares to house The Fire Station, a cannabis dispensary. This new establishment will be located conveniently close to the Nirvana Center, another active dispensary in the area.

The Fire Station, known for its presence in the cannabis market, has announced plans to commence construction of this new facility within the 2024 fiscal year. This development is part of the growing trend of repurposing existing structures for cannabis retail operations, reflecting the industry's integration into local communities.

Additionally, Wacky Jackz is set to open its second dispensary location. Positioned strategically on HWY 2, just at the threshold of Escanaba, this new site is currently under construction. A representative from Wacky Jackz has indicated that the construction is on track, with an expected completion and opening slated for the spring of 2024.

Escanaba's cannabis market is already home to several dispensaries, including Elevated Exotics and Lume. Elevated Exotics is conveniently located downtown at the corner of 10th and Ludington, while Lume is situated on Willow Creek Road. The introduction of The Fire Station and Wacky Jackz will further expand the choices available to consumers in the region, indicating a robust and growing cannabis industry in Delta County.

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