Unlimited Marijuana Retail Establishments Could Be Coming to Three Oaks Village

February 2nd, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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The Three Oaks Village Council has signaled its support for a significant change in its local marijuana ordinance, moving towards allowing an unlimited number of retail establishments. This decision came to light during the council's regular meeting on January 10th, when council members were presented with a choice: to maintain the current marijuana ordinance, which caps the number of retail licenses at two and includes a single microbusiness license, or to adopt a revised ordinance that would remove the limit on retail licenses.

Village President Richard Smith highlighted a pressing issue with the existing ordinance, pointing out that the council might need to reevaluate the process for awarding the second retail license. The discussion also brought up concerns about the limited zoning space available in the village for marijuana retail dispensaries along U.S. 12, even with the potential for unlimited licenses.

In response to these discussions, Smith requested that Village Manager Dan Faulkner and Village Attorney Charles Hilmer begin drafting a revised ordinance that would remove the cap on retail establishments. This new ordinance is expected to be ready for review at the February Village Council meeting.

Public feedback during the meeting included concerns from a local property owner about the financial implications of the current 500-foot buffer requirement between parks and marijuana retail locations. The property owner, who owns two properties on Nels Drive, expressed frustration over the ordinance blocking potential offers due to this restriction.

Additionally, the council decided to postpone action on a proposed Marihuana Zoning Ordinance Amendment. This draft document has been sent back to the planning commission to ensure that all proper procedures are followed.

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