Verano's Cabbage Club Brings Premium Perks to Michigan Cannabis Consumers

June 26th, 2024 Business & Industry
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Verano Holdings Corp., a prominent multi-state cannabis company, is expanding its innovative Cabbage Club membership program to Michigan, Connecticut, and Maryland. Cabbage Club, a pioneering cannabis membership club in the U.S., offers a variety of exclusive benefits to its members, including monthly store credits, merchandise, early access to product releases, line-skipping privileges, special event access, and concierge services.

Expansion and Benefits

The expansion to Michigan marks a significant development in Verano's efforts to provide unique, value-added experiences for cannabis consumers. Initially launched in Illinois and New Jersey, the Cabbage Club will now be available at Zen Leaf dispensaries, including one in Michigan. This expansion covers five states, with plans for further growth across Verano's 142 dispensaries in 13 states.

Cabbage Club members can enjoy numerous perks, such as:

  • Monthly Store Credits and Seasonal Coupons: Members receive store credits and exclusive coupons each month.
  • Exclusive Merchandise and Early Product Access: Access to members-only merchandise and early access to new product releases.
  • VIP Event Access and Line-Skipping Privileges: Priority access to special events and the ability to skip lines at dispensaries.
  • Private Concierge Services: Personalized services to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Member Appreciation Days and Warm Cookies: Special appreciation events and complimentary cookies at checkout.

Membership Levels

Cabbage Club offers two main membership tiers:

  • Dime Membership ($149): Includes $10 monthly store credit, $25 in seasonal coupons, and additional rewards, totaling $265 in annual value.
  • Quarter Membership ($249): Includes $20 monthly store credit, $50 in seasonal coupons, and additional rewards, totaling $440 in annual value.

Additionally, there is the Silver Dollar Club, an exclusive tier available by invitation, which offers secret perks beyond those provided by the Dime and Quarter memberships.

Joining Cabbage Club

Starting July 1st, individuals can join Cabbage Club as Founding Members at a discounted rate by visiting This limited-time offer allows new members to enjoy the extensive benefits of the club at a reduced cost.

Verano's Chief Marketing Officer, David Spreckman, emphasized the success and future potential of Cabbage Club, stating, "After exceeding expectations in Illinois and New Jersey, introducing Cabbage Club to new consumers in leading cannabis markets underscores our mission to provide a unique shopping and community experience. We look forward to expanding the Cabbage Club community across our Zen Leaf and MÜV dispensaries."

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