Willie's Reserve Marks Its Presence in Michigan Dispensaries

October 24th, 2023 Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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Legendary musician and well-known cannabis enthusiast, Willie Nelson, is set to introduce his renowned cannabis brand to Michigan this Wednesday, marking a significant expansion of Willie’s Reserve.

Michigan is proudly stepping up as the eighth state in the nation to feature flower products from Willie’s Reserve, an esteemed cannabis brand initiated by Nelson back in 2015. The strains available from this brand, touted as "Willie-Worthy", are notably potent, with THC content ranging from a formidable 24% to an impressive 30%.

In a move that remains consistent with his long-standing values, Nelson has opted to collaborate with small-scale growers within Michigan to nurture the flower. As the co-founder of Farm Aid, a commendable non-profit initiative that has raised millions to bolster family farms, Nelson’s dedication to supporting the farming community and its agricultural endeavors is nothing short of legendary.

In the endeavor to supply dispensaries with this sought-after flower, Willie’s Reserve is partnering with Aardvark Industrees, a reputable name based in Lansing. Hilary Dulany, a partner at Aardvark Industrees, shared insights on their collaboration model, stating, "This approach serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it addresses the anticipated high demand for the product, and on the other, it emphasizes our commitment to championing small independent growers in Michigan. Collaborating with these growers not only guarantees a product that lives up to the ‘Willie-worthy’ standard but also ensures we remain agile in responding to market demands."

Interestingly, Aardvark Industrees has also associated itself with Cheech’s Stash, another cannabis brand, conceived by famed comedian and actor, Cheech Marin.

Starting this Wednesday, consumers can look forward to finding Willie’s Reserve in over 15 dispensaries scattered across the state. Among these are notable names such as Stone Depot (Jackson), Green Stem (Niles), Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Traverse City), Mood Center Line (Center Line), Planet 420 (Flint), Endo (Adrian), and all Puff locations spanning cities like Bay City, Traverse City, Hamtramck, and more.

Highlighting the ethos of their collaborations, Dulany added, "We are naturally inclined towards brands that echo pioneering spirits and are willing to venture into the uncharted territories of cannabis. It's paramount for us that the brands we nurture and partner with resonate with our personal and professional principles."

It's worth noting that Willie Nelson joins a steadily growing roster of celebrities who have ventured into the cannabis industry. This includes personalities like Tommy Chong, Jim Belushi, Seth Rogan, Martha Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, and musicians such as Carlos Santana, Melissa Etheridge, and Lil Wayne, to name a few.

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