Wisconsin Man Faces Charges for Transporting Michigan Cannabis Through Indiana

February 28th, 2024 Legal & Crime
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A Wisconsin resident, identified as Jonathan Millard, faces charges in La Porte Superior Court 1, Indiana, for alleged possession and intent to distribute a significant quantity of cannabis. The charges come after an incident on February 23rd, when Millard was stopped by law enforcement on Interstate 94 near Michigan City for multiple traffic violations, including failing to signal while changing lanes and following too closely to other vehicles.

During the stop, law enforcement officials discovered 56 one-pound packages of cannabis, 1,000 THC vape cartridges, various THC-infused edibles including gummies and syrup, and four jars of THC wax in Millard's rental vehicle. This discovery was made with the assistance of a K9 unit, which alerted officers to the presence of the substances.

Court documents indicate that Millard had traveled from his home in Wisconsin to the Detroit area and was on his way back when he was detained. The origin of the cannabis products, whether they were purchased legally from a dispensary, has not been disclosed.

This incident underscores a growing trend in LaPorte County, where there has been a notable increase in arrests related to the transportation of legally purchased cannabis in Michigan through Indiana, where cannabis remains illegal. Previous cases have involved individuals acquiring cannabis from dispensaries in Michigan locales such as New Buffalo Township and Buchanan.

Millard is potentially facing a six-year sentence for the level 5 felony charge. Following his arrest, he posted bond and was granted permission by a judge to return to Wisconsin to await further proceedings in his case.

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