A Night of Magic and Marijuana: Smokus Pocus Comes to East Lansing

February 22nd, 2024 Events & Conferences
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The city of East Lansing is set to host an unprecedented event that promises to merge the enchanting world of magic with the vibrant culture of cannabis. On Friday, March 8th, the Albert A. White Performing Arts Theater at 819 Abbot Road will transform into a haven for magic enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs alike, as it presents "Smokus Pocus: A 420 Magic Show."

Smokus Pocus has garnered acclaim from notable publications, with Las Vegas Magazine guaranteeing it "to blow your mind!" and HuffPost lauding it as "The Best!" This unique performance, led by the talented magician and cannabis aficionado Ben Zabin, invites audiences to experience a night of "Dank Debauchery" filled with innovative magic that seamlessly intertwines with cannabis culture.

The show, described as the "World's Dopest Magic Show," offers an evening where the impossible becomes possible. Attendees will witness jars of bud appear out of thin air, lighters animate with a life of their own, and bongs distort reality in ways that will leave viewers questioning the fabric of their perception. It's a spectacle designed to captivate both those who partake in cannabis and those who prefer to stay sober, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Smokus Pocus has enjoyed sold-out performances across North America, including extended runs in Brooklyn and Las Vegas, thanks to its compelling blend of tokes, jokes, and magical tricks. The show's reputation for delivering a mind-blowing night out is well-earned, with each act crafted to astonish and amuse, leaving audiences marveling at the sheer creativity and skill on display.

For those interested in attending, the event will take place from 8:00 to 9:30 pm EST. Tickets are priced at $35 each, or $130 for a group of four. An early-bird special, available until March 1st, offers reduced pricing at $30 for individual tickets or $110 for a group of four. Premium seating options are also available for $45 per ticket.

To secure your spot at this magical and cannabis-infused extravaganza, or for more information, visit the Smokus Pocus official website at SmokusPocus.com. Prepare to be immersed in a world where caricatures spring to life, objects disappear and reappear in the most unexpected places, and the power of magic meets the culture of cannabis in a celebration unlike any other.

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