Ann Arbor's Newest Dispensary Crave Cannabis Set to Launch Marijuana Lounge

January 19th, 2024 Business & Industry
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Ann Arbor has recently welcomed a new player in its cannabis market with the opening of Crave Cannabis. Located at 3860 Research Park Drive, the dispensary began operations in November and is already making strides with ambitious plans to introduce a marijuana consumption lounge to the city. This initiative follows the Ann Arbor Planning Commission's approval in September 2022 and the city's 2019 establishment of regulations permitting such lounges.

Michigan joins a growing list of over ten states in the U.S. that have legalized marijuana consumption lounges and cafes. These venues provide a legal public space for cannabis users, a significant step in the evolving landscape of marijuana use and culture.

Despite facing construction delays, Lamar Jarbo, the owner of Crave Cannabis, is optimistic about the lounge's opening in the coming months. He emphasizes the company's dedication to realizing this goal. The lounge is envisioned as a space where patrons can enjoy Crave Cannabis products in a relaxed environment. However, it's important to note that purchases of cannabis products will not be possible within the lounge itself.

Jarbo's vision for the lounge extends beyond just a space for relaxation and consumption. He plans to equip the lounge with multiple TV screens, some linked to PlayStations, a rentable podcast station, and even a golf simulator. The facility will also offer private rooms and lockers for personal storage, along with bongs and hookahs for use.

The lounge is not just envisioned as a chill-out spot but as a versatile venue suitable for private parties and events like comedy shows. Jarbo sees it as a place that can adapt to various social gatherings and entertainment needs.

The opening of the consumption lounge represents the second phase of Crave Cannabis's business plan. Since its inception, the dispensary has garnered attention for its extensive product range. Jarbo takes pride in the customer excitement generated by their diverse and potent product offerings, which include over 100 strains of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, topicals, concentrates, vaporizers, and edibles like THC-infused "potcorn."

Jarbo stresses the dispensary's commitment to offering unique and cutting-edge products. Crave Cannabis's District Manager, Philip Bunge, echoes this sentiment, highlighting their continuous search for new and high-quality items. To attract new customers, the dispensary currently offers a 50% discount for first-time visitors.

As Crave Cannabis evolves, Jarbo looks forward to deepening relationships with customers, especially with the introduction of the consumption lounge. He anticipates that the lounge will provide valuable insights into customer preferences and feedback, further shaping the dispensary's offerings and services.

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