Best in Grass: Elevating Michigan's Cannabis Scene Through Statewide Competition

March 20th, 2024 Events & Conferences
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In an exciting development for Michigan's thriving recreational cannabis sector, the state is set to host a novel competition aimed at highlighting the best cannabis products available. The competition, orchestrated by Best in Grass, a company founded by two former High Times events employees, is scheduled to kick off its inaugural judging contest on April 6th.

This unique event will showcase over 200 cannabis products from 60 different brands, spanning categories such as flower, concentrates, vapes, and edibles. The culmination of this competition will see the winners announced at a special event at the Royal Oak Music Theater on June 18th.

Local cannabis enterprises are invited to participate by contributing their products to Best in Grass. These products will be organized into categories and offered for sale at 25 selected retailers across Michigan. Purchasers of these kits will have the opportunity to judge the products, incentivized by a $20 discount at the dispensary where they acquired the kit.

A diverse array of dispensaries is participating in this initiative, including Leaf and Bud, Puff, The Grove, Breeze, Green Lab Provisions, Remedii Natural Health, The Bloomery, North Coast Provisions, Rize, and Da Cut. The pricing of the kits will range from $75 to $280, varying by product category.

Mark Kazinec, President and COO of Best in Grass and former Vice President of Events and Competitions at High Times, expressed his enthusiasm for the Michigan cannabis community. Kazinec's decision to launch the inaugural event in Michigan was influenced by the state's vibrant cannabis culture and its significant market size within the U.S. He aims to engage and connect with Michigan's dedicated cannabis community through Best in Grass.

Michigan's cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth, emerging as a leader in the national market. In 2023, the state's consumers spent $3.06 billion on medical and recreational cannabis, reflecting a robust per capita expenditure. Sales figures from early 2024 suggest a continued upward trend, with the state on course to surpass its previous year's total, potentially reaching over $3.5 billion in sales. This growth trajectory places Michigan ahead of other established markets, trailing only California in terms of sales volume, despite Michigan's significantly smaller population.

Following the Michigan event, Best in Grass plans to expand its competitions to other states, including Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Missouri, aiming to replicate the success and community engagement seen in Michigan.

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