Cannabis Retailer Supports Madison Heights in Major Citywide Rebranding Initiative

March 26th, 2024 Business & Industry
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Madison Heights is experiencing financial benefits from the presence of cannabis companies, leading to significant community enhancements, including a $200,000 project to update the city's gateway signage. This initiative, funded by Quality Roots, a leading cannabis retailer set to open its doors in Madison Heights, aligns with the city's broader efforts to rebrand and rejuvenate its image.

City Manager Melissa Marsh announced that the production of the new signs, incorporating the city's updated logo, is underway, with installation expected to begin between May and June. This development is part of a collaborative effort with Quality Roots, which has shown support for the city's goals since the inception of its application process. Mayor Roslyn Grafstein highlighted the costly nature of the rebranding effort and appreciated Quality Roots' willingness to cover the expenses.

The introduction of new gateway signs, starting at the intersection of 14 Mile and John R roads, is just one aspect of the positive impact cannabis businesses have had on Madison Heights. In 2021, two other cannabis stores, Liberty and Puff, commenced operations in the city, contributing significantly to local funding through state allocations and donations to city-led nonprofit initiatives. These contributions support a variety of community projects and events, enhancing public safety, recreational activities, and food security among residents.

Moreover, the presence of cannabis businesses has led to a substantial increase in tax revenue, enabling the city to reduce its millage rate last year. By occupying previously vacant or underused properties, these companies have not only boosted the properties' taxable value but also spurred economic development, job creation, and local spending, benefiting both cannabis-related and unrelated businesses.

Mayor Grafstein emphasized the strategic decision to welcome legal cannabis operations as a means to revitalize the city, addressing vacant and blighted properties, enhancing tax revenue, and creating employment opportunities. The success of this approach is evident in the growing employment rates and increased patronage of local businesses, contributing to the overall economic health of Madison Heights.

Quality Roots CEO Aric Klar shared that the Madison Heights location marks the company's third establishment in Oakland County and its eighth statewide, indicating a broader commitment to contributing positively to the communities it serves.

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