Cannabis Revenue to Fund Major Upgrades at Leoni Township Park

May 6th, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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Leoni Township is poised to enhance recreational amenities through the strategic use of cannabis tax revenues, following the acquisition of over 50 acres on Round Lake. The land, previously owned by Polish Falcons Nest 336, was purchased with a vision of preserving its public utility, according to Leoni Township Manager Mike Jester. The township plans to introduce a variety of facilities including a swimming area, playground equipment, and sports fields, aimed at serving as a community hub for various activities like family gatherings and sports events.

This initiative is funded by the Marijuana Excise Tax, with Leoni Township allocating the proceeds towards public welfare projects. The township, which hosts the highest number of marijuana dispensaries in Jackson County, garnered more than $590,000 in cannabis tax revenue in 2023 alone. This financial strategy not only reflects a responsible fiscal approach but also a commitment to enhancing community life.

The proposed plans for the park are still in the formative stages, with potential additions like restrooms, baseball fields, and kayak rental services. Notably, the project also intends to introduce a swimming area in the township, addressing a recreational gap in the existing facilities at Michigan Center Lake.

However, the project has met with mixed reactions from the local community. Diane Miller, a long-time member of the Polish Falcons and a local resident, expressed concerns about restricted access to the land that once offered open entry for various nocturnal recreational activities. Additionally, some residents are apprehensive about the potential increase in traffic that the new amenities might attract.

Further details and updates on the park's development are expected to be discussed in upcoming township board meetings. Residents seeking more information are encouraged to visit the township's official website.

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