Charlotte Welcomes Second Cannabis Dispensary, Hollywood Jacks

July 3rd, 2024 Business & Industry
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The cannabis industry is expanding in Charlotte, Michigan, as Hollywood Jacks prepares to become the second dispensary to open in Eaton County. This marks a significant development for a community that has long resisted the establishment of cannabis facilities.

Brian Miller, the owner of Hollywood Jacks, is eager to welcome customers to his new dispensary.

"It's absolutely a dream come true," Miller expressed, highlighting his enthusiasm for the business venture.

As Hollywood Jacks gets ready to open, local business owners and residents are sharing their perspectives on this new addition to the community. Isaac Howard, the manager of Domino's, noted an uptick in activity in recent weeks.

"It's been kind of busy lately, it's increased over the past couple weeks," Howard said. "It will probably help the rest of the town get more traffic going."

Eaton County has historically been cautious about allowing recreational cannabis stores, even as such establishments became more common in surrounding areas. City council members have conducted extensive research into the potential impact of these stores on public safety and community welfare.

Mitch Maltz, the store manager at Harbor Farmz, the first cannabis shop to open in Charlotte, shared his positive experience.

"Business has been really good, love the fact we have our own products here," Maltz said.

The arrival of both Harbor Farmz and Hollywood Jacks is expected to bring substantial economic benefits to Charlotte. In Michigan's 2023 fiscal year, each licensed retail store and microbusiness generated over $59,000 for their respective municipalities and counties. Eaton County, which did not receive any of this revenue in the past, is now poised to benefit from this additional income.

Brian Miller extended his gratitude to the community, expressing appreciation for the support he has received.

"I just would like to thank all the community," Miller said.

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