CRA Investigates 'Muha Meds' for Multiple Compliance Failures

November 15th, 2023 Business & Industry
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Muha Meds, a well-known name in the sector, faced a recall advisory due to critical lapses in compliance with the state's "seed to sale tracking system," known as Metrc. This incident has heightened concerns regarding the oversight and management of cannabis products in the state.

Key Issues Leading to Recall Advisory

The recall advisory against Muha Meds was primarily issued due to the company's failure to properly track products in the Metrc system. This lapse in compliance led to the use of unknown cannabis oil in their products, posing potential risks to consumers. The inability to track the origin and journey of cannabis products from seed to sale is a significant violation of Michigan's stringent regulatory framework, designed to ensure product safety and integrity.

  1. Failure in Metrc Compliance: Muha Meds' inability to accurately track its products in the Metrc system was a critical factor leading to the recall. This failure compromised the traceability of their products, a fundamental requirement for ensuring quality control and public safety in the cannabis industry.

  2. Usage of Unknown Cannabis Oil: As a result of the tracking lapse, the company allegedly used cannabis oil of unknown origin in their products. This raises serious concerns about the safety and quality of the products being sold to consumers, as the lack of traceability means that standard safety and quality checks may have been bypassed.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) of Michigan has issued formal complaints (AU & Med) against Michigan Investments 10 Inc., aka "Muha Meds", citing a series of alleged violations that raise serious concerns about the company's adherence to state regulations governing marijuana processing and handling. This development marks a significant turn in the CRA's ongoing efforts to ensure compliance and maintain high standards within Michigan's burgeoning cannabis industry.

In-Depth Investigation Reveals Multiple Issues

The formal complaint, resulting from a thorough investigation, outlines a range of infractions, prominently focusing on areas such as surveillance and security, waste product management, and compliance with the statewide monitoring system, Metrc.

  1. Surveillance and Security Lapses: The investigation revealed substantial shortcomings in the company's video surveillance system. During inspections, several camera feeds were found to be non-functional, and the company failed to retain video footage as required by state regulations. Notably, critical areas, including where marijuana destruction occurs, were inadequately covered by cameras, raising questions about the security protocols in place.

  2. Waste Product Management Concerns: Michigan Investments 10 Inc. reportedly mishandled marijuana waste products. Inspectors found untagged marijuana products and discovered that the company lacked a standard operating procedure for the management of cannabis waste. The report also highlighted discrepancies in the reporting of waste products in the state-monitored Metrc system.

  3. Inconsistencies with Statewide Monitoring System: The use of the Metrc system by Michigan Investments 10 Inc. showed numerous inconsistencies. The company struggled with accurate package tagging and recording transactions in the system. Inspectors noted discrepancies in product weights and quantities, indicating a failure in accurately tracking marijuana products, with numerous instances of untagged products and unaccounted-for inventory.

  4. Safety Testing Non-Compliance: The company also faced issues regarding compliance with safety testing procedures. There were instances where products that failed chemical residue testing were still utilized or processed. Discrepancies were noted in the testing results for products derived from the same originating batch, casting doubt on the reliability of the company's safety compliance testing.

Implications and Potential Sanctions

The CRA's formal complaint against Michigan Investments 10 Inc. is not only a reflection of the specific issues at this company but also serves as a reminder of the stringent regulatory environment that governs Michigan's marijuana industry. The agency has indicated its intent to impose sanctions that could range from fines to more severe measures, such as suspension, revocation, restriction, or refusal to renew the company's license.

As the regulatory body responsible for maintaining standards in the industry, the CRA's action underscores its commitment to ensuring that all participants in Michigan's marijuana market operate in full compliance with state laws and regulations.


The case against Muha Meds is still developing, and it remains to be seen how the company will respond to these allegations. This situation highlights the ongoing challenges in regulating the evolving cannabis industry and the importance of rigorous compliance to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of marijuana products in Michigan.

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