Flavor Galaxy LLC Infused Pre-Rolls Recalled Over Safety Testing Failures

May 15th, 2024 Safety & Education
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The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) of Michigan has recently issued an important safety recall for 1,098 units of infused pre-rolls manufactured by Flavor Galaxy LLC, based in Hazel Park, under license number AU-P-000373. This action comes as part of the CRA's ongoing commitment to ensuring consumer safety and regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry.

The recall was initiated after the CRA's investigation revealed significant lapses in the product testing processes at Flavor Galaxy LLC. According to the agency, the company failed to submit these specific batches of infused pre-rolls for the mandatory final product testing. Records from the state's cannabis tracking system, Metrc, indicate that while the raw marijuana flower used in these pre-rolls underwent safety compliance testing for potency, the final products—which include added cannabis distillate and terpenes—were not tested post-infusion.

The implicated products were sold between November 25th, 2023, and May 6th, 2024. Consumers who have purchased any Flavor Galaxy LLC infused pre-rolls during this period should refer to the recall bulletin to verify whether their purchases are affected by this recall.

In addition to the recall, the CRA has also issued a product advisory bulletin. This bulletin addresses further issues with Flavor Galaxy LLC's tracking practices, highlighting that the company improperly tracked multiple batches of both pre-rolls and vape cartridges in the Metrc system. These batches were found to have added cannabis products after they had been initially sampled for compliance testing by a licensed laboratory, thus evading full compliance checks.

Consumers experiencing any adverse reactions from these or any other cannabis products are urged to seek immediate medical attention and report these incidents to their health care providers. Such reactions should also be reported directly to the CRA using the Adverse Reaction Form or by calling 517-284-8599.

For more information about this recall and general safety guidelines, consumers are encouraged to visit the CRA's official website at www.michigan.gov/CRA.

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