Four Teens Arrested for Shooting Marijuana Dealer in Warren

September 20th, 2023 Legal & Crime
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In an alarming incident highlighting the dangers surrounding the underground marijuana trade, four teenagers have been detained in connection with a shooting near a Warren school.

On September 14th, Warren police were dispatched to the crossroads of Martin and Bunert after reports of gunfire. Upon arrival, officers discovered a man in a vehicle, riddled with bullets. The unfolding situation prompted immediate lockdowns at both Macomb Community College and Warren Woods Tower High School.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the shooting stemmed from a botched robbery. The 26-year-old victim from Roseville, who is currently fighting for his life after multiple surgeries, was reportedly involved in local cannabis dealings. Authorities believe his connection to the marijuana trade played a significant role in making him a target. As of now, the man faces a grim prognosis of possible paralysis due to the injuries sustained.

On the subsequent Monday, four teenagers – two aged 14 and two aged 15 – were apprehended at Warren Woods Tower High School. Of the four, three hail from Warren, while the fourth is an Oak Park resident. That same day, law enforcement also carried out searches at three Warren homes and an Oak Park residence, unearthing five firearms. It's speculated that two of these weapons are connected to the shooting incident.

Macomb County's Juvenile Chief, on Tuesday, allowed the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office Juvenile Unit additional time to deliberate on charges and to decide if the teenagers should be prosecuted as adults.

The proposed charges against the adolescents include armed robbery, assault with intent to murder, conspiracy, and multiple weapons offenses.

Macomb County Prosecutor, Peter Lucido, commented on the gravity of the situation, stating, "These young individuals have cast a spotlight on the consequences of our life choices. Not only do these decisions mold our destinies, but they also shape the security of our neighborhoods. Our commitment remains unwavering in pursuing the truth, ensuring those at fault face the repercussions, and delivering justice for the victim and our society."

A preliminary hearing for the teens has been scheduled for September 25th.

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