Fwaygo Extracts Ends Operations Following CRA License Suspension

March 14th, 2024 Business & Industry
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On March 14th, 2024, a significant development unfolded in the cannabis industry in Lansing, Michigan, as TAS Asset Holdings, LLC—more widely recognized as Fwaygo—formally surrendered its medical and adult-use cannabis processor licenses. This action follows a consent order and agreement with the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA), culminating in the cessation of Fwaygo's operations.

The events leading up to this point began in February 2023 when the CRA put forth formal complaints against the company, coupled with immediate summary suspensions of their licenses. An intensive review was undertaken by the CRA to examine the allegations. It was concluded that the company's continued operation posed a potential risk to public health and safety, primarily based on how they were managing their products and operations.

The core issue identified was Fwaygo's mixing of cannabis products with unregulated cannabis before distributing them into the state's legal market. The products in question were being sold under the "Fwaygo Extracts" brand, with a particular product known as "Space Rocks" drawing attention. Evidence, including surveillance footage, indicated that Fwaygo employees had been introducing unregulated cannabis into their product lines directly from personal vehicles.

As a result of these findings, Fwaygo agreed to a voluntary surrender of their processing licenses and affirmed that they would not seek renewal or reactivation in the future. Furthermore, the CRA disclosed that TAS Asset Holdings, LLC holds additional licenses under the same ownership, which will also remain permanently nonoperational:

  • TAS Asset Holdings, LLC, License No. GR-A-000228
  • Noble Road Company, License No. PR-000091

The CRA has taken this opportunity to remind consumers to remain vigilant regarding the products they use. Those experiencing any adverse reactions to cannabis products are urged to report these incidents to the CRA by email at [email protected] or by phone at 517-284-8599. The proactive engagement of consumers is crucial in maintaining the integrity and safety of Michigan's regulated cannabis market.

This enforcement action by the CRA serves as a stark reminder of the stringent regulations in place to protect consumers and the legal cannabis market's integrity. It also underscores the agency's commitment to enforcing these regulations to ensure that all operations adhere to the highest standards of safety and legal compliance.

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