Last Chance to Judge in Michigan's Best in Grass Cannabis Competition

May 14th, 2024 Events & Conferences
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Michigan's burgeoning cannabis industry takes a celebratory turn with the debut of the "Best in Grass" cannabis competition. Initiated by Mark Kazinec, this event is set to highlight top-tier, locally-grown cannabis in 14 recreational categories. Interested participants looking to judge these products must hurry, as the registration deadline is rapidly approaching on May 19th.

What Judges Can Anticipate

Judging at the Best in Grass competition is more than an observational role—it's an active contribution to the future of cannabis in Michigan. Each judge will be equipped with a special kit containing diverse cannabis products and a Judge Access Card for entry into an exclusive judging portal. Here, judges will assess entries on visual appeal, aroma, taste, and effects, offering detailed feedback.

Mark Kazinec stresses the importance of individuality in the judging process. "We provide examples of thorough judging comments," he notes, "but we respect that each judge brings their own palate and unique perspective, which we encourage them to express freely."

Competition Goals and Impact

The Best in Grass aims not only to recognize the finest cannabis products but also to engage real Michigan consumers. Kazinec explains that the competition serves as a platform for consumers to explore new brands and provide feedback, crucial for brands aiming to refine their products. This feedback loop promises to enhance the overall quality of cannabis offerings available to the public.

A Distinct Approach

Distinguishing itself from other events, Best in Grass prides itself on fairness and transparency. Unlike typical competitions judged by industry insiders, this event employs a broad pool of impartial judges to avoid bias, ensuring genuine, reliable results. Measures are also in place to prevent brands and their affiliates from judging, maintaining the integrity of the competition.

Overcoming Challenges

Organizing such a comprehensive event is not without its hurdles, especially regarding compliance and regulations. Kazinec and his team are committed to overcoming these challenges through diligent collaboration with businesses and communities, ensuring the competition adheres to legal standards.

Join the Celebration

Judges participating in Best in Grass will have the unique opportunity to attend the live awards ceremony at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on June 18th. Dubbed the "Oscars of the cannabis industry," the event will feature a green carpet and a black-tie/cocktail dress code, allowing judges to connect with the creators of the products they reviewed.

As the competition draws to a close with the deadline on May 19th, the anticipation builds with early results trickling in. This is a prime opportunity to help determine the standout cannabis products in Michigan. For those interested in joining as judges, register promptly to secure a spot in this landmark event.

For further details on contest rules or inquiries, please visit

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