Mia Ray's Entrepreneurial Leap into Luxury Cannabis with GRL Cannabis Club

April 20th, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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Cannabis culture in the U.S. has dramatically shifted, moving away from longstanding stigmas and toward a broader, more inclusive understanding of its users and benefits. As states increasingly relax cannabis regulations, the industry sees a surge in entrepreneurial ventures that cater to diverse consumer needs. Among these, Mia Ray's GRL Cannabis Club stands out for its unique approach, aiming to destigmatize cannabis use among women and promote a luxury experience that blends wellness with indulgence.

Mia Ray, also known for her role as the CEO and founder of the luxury lifestyle brand GlamAholic, has ventured into the cannabis industry with a clear vision. Her initiative, GRL (Get Real Lifted) Cannabis Club, launched on April 20th, 2023, seeks to transform the perception of cannabis, especially among women who may have felt compelled to conceal their use in the past. Ray's message is clear and affirming: "It's OK to indulge," reflecting a significant shift from the negative perceptions that prevailed in the 1970s and 1980s.

Ray's inspiration for starting her cannabis brand stems from her personal experiences and a desire to reshape the market's presentation of cannabis products. She noticed a lack of luxury cannabis products aimed specifically at women who appreciate a light, fun, and flirty experience. This gap in the market led her to create a brand that not only offers high-quality cannabis products but also ensures that they are marketed as a luxury experience that women can enjoy without reservation.

GRL Cannabis Club prides itself on its commitment to education and quality. The company focuses on informing consumers about the various strains and benefits of cannabis, aiming to enhance their experience and knowledge, whether they are seasoned users or newcomers to cannabis. Ray emphasizes that using cannabis is not just about achieving a high; it's about unlocking creativity, managing anxiety, and discovering the therapeutic benefits of the plant.

On the marketing front, GRL Cannabis Club leverages its Instagram presence and direct engagement through dispensary representatives to educate both consumers and retail staff about their products, ensuring a luxury experience across all touchpoints.

As GRL Cannabis Club celebrates its first anniversary, Ray is excited about the future. With products currently available in 24 dispensaries across Michigan, plans are underway to expand the product line and reach. Despite the separation between her cannabis venture and GlamAholic, Ray's underlying mission remains consistent: to offer a sense of comfort and luxury that feels like a "warm hug."

This initiative not only highlights the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry but also underscores the growing representation and influence of women in this space. Ray's efforts contribute to a broader movement towards inclusivity and normalization of cannabis, redefining how it is perceived and enjoyed in society.

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