Michigan Eagerly Anticipates the Arrival of Mary Jones, a Cannabis-Infused Soda

October 1st, 2023 Products & Reviews
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In an exciting development for Michigan's flourishing marijuana market, Mary Jones, a cannabis-infused soda brand developed by Jones Soda Co., is laying the groundwork for its introduction in the state, reflecting the brand's continued expansion into the thriving U.S. cannabis industry.

Jones Soda Co., celebrated for being "the original craft soda" and acclaimed for its untraditional flavors and consumer-submitted photo labels, has witnessed a triumphant journey with its cannabis brand, Mary Jones, in various U.S. states. The brand, which first made waves in California in 2022, swiftly garnered admiration among cannabis consumers, offering them a unique blend of beloved Jones soda flavors infused with THC, and subsequently initiating plans for expansion into further states, including Michigan.

The distinctive THC-infused craft sodas not only boast the signature pure cane sugar recipes of Jones Soda but also feature a blend aptly suited to the cannabis market. With delectable flavors like Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, and Orange & Cream offered in 12 and 16-ounce cans, and infused with 10mg or 100mg of THC respectively, Mary Jones has successfully catered to an eager consumer base, with additional flavors anticipated to be introduced in the future.

Reflecting on the brand's success, the CEO of Jones Soda, David Knight, remarked, "We have a deep connection to the community and market." The brand's swift and strategic expansion was significantly supported through collaborations with industry giants like CompCanna and Dogtown Pioneers, ensuring its robust presence in the cannabis sector.

As Michigan marijuana enthusiasts and industry stakeholders await with bated breath, the arrival of Mary Jones signifies not only an expansion of product availability but also a testament to the dynamic and ever-expanding nature of the cannabis market in the state. As one of the states where marijuana is legalized for recreational use, Michigan presents a prosperous market, embodying both the present success and future potential of cannabis-oriented products.

Mary Jones, in keeping with its user-friendly approach, allows interested consumers and retailers to locate dispensaries carrying their products through a store finder page on their website - gomaryjones.com.

While Jones Soda Co. has expressed interest in bringing its cannabis-infused soda brand, Mary Jones, to Michigan, no specific release dates or timelines have been shared thus far. The potential future expansion into Michigan's vibrant cannabis market is anticipated to offer consumers a unique and refreshing product option, contributing to the continued growth and diversification of the industry in the state, and enhancing the variety of quality, innovative offerings available to consumers.

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