Michigan YouTuber Takes on 500mg Edible Golf Challenge

June 24th, 2024 Recreational Use
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In a surprising and somewhat cautionary tale, Michigan YouTuber "Road Trip Rolls" embarked on a journey to consume 500mg of cannabis edibles and then play a full round of golf. Known for combining cannabis and golf on his channel, Road Trip Rolls is a high-tolerance cannabis user and a reasonably skilled golfer, at least from what his videos suggest. His content predominantly features him golfing under the influence.

By the time he produced his most recent video, he had already tackled challenges such as the 250mg edible challenge and the "One Bong Hit=One Mulligan" challenge. This latest endeavor, however, aimed to double his previous edible consumption to 500mg before attempting to complete a full round of golf.

Road Trip Rolls set an ambitious goal: to play a sub-90 game while under the influence of 500mg of edibles, a dosage he humorously claims could "take down a bull elephant." His previous 250mg episode ended impressively, but the 500mg challenge was poised to be his most daunting yet.

The episode begins with a visit to Lume Dispensary in Kalkaska, Michigan, where he stocks up on snacks. He then heads to Grandview Golf Club, ready to keep his score as close to 90 as possible. Before even starting his round, he consumes 200mg of edibles. By the 8th hole, he reaches the 500mg mark, already shooting +10.

The feat is astonishing. Despite the heavy dosage, Road Trip Rolls manages to remain standing and continues to play. The back nine proves more challenging, but he ultimately completes the round.

Whether he achieves his goal of a sub-90 game remains a mystery to those who haven't watched the episode, which can be viewed below.


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