Muskegon to Host Cannabis-Friendly Campsite at The Grassy Knoll This Summer

April 3rd, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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This summer, Muskegon is set to welcome a unique addition to its array of attractions with the introduction of a cannabis-friendly campsite, courtesy of The Grassy Knoll Recreational Dispensary. Situated on a serene wooded hilltop at 2125 Lemuel Street, and occupying a five-acre space adjacent to its premises, the dispensary is transforming the area into a welcoming haven for cannabis enthusiasts. Named after its picturesque location above Business Route U.S. 31 and Seaway Drive, The Grassy Knoll stands apart from residential and commercial zones, offering a secluded retreat.

Owners Janet Tombre and Fred Cini are gearing up to accommodate at least 50 RVs, with provisions also made for tent camping. The site will be equipped with essential amenities such as portable bathrooms, water supply, picnic tables, and bonfire pits, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all visitors.

In a strategic partnership, The Grassy Knoll has teamed up with the Burning Foot Beach Festival, serving as a lodging partner for the event this year. Festival attendees who choose to camp at The Grassy Knoll will benefit from complimentary shuttle service to Pere Marquette, enhancing the festival experience. While pricing details are yet to be finalized, Tombre assures that rates will be competitive with those of the Burning Foot campsite.

This collaboration with Burning Foot Beach Festival is poised to alleviate the lodging crunch experienced during the event, which attracts thousands and sees its 25 RV and 30 tent sites at Pere Marquette sell out swiftly. According to Allen Serio, co-chair of the festival, the partnership will significantly expand lodging options for attendees.

Campers at The Grassy Knoll will enjoy exclusive merchandise and cannabis products, permissible for use on-site. Although the campsite is licensed for consumption, guests will need to visit the dispensary, conveniently located a short walk away, for their purchases.

Operating until midnight, The Grassy Knoll offers a perfect setting for unwinding with a late-night session after a day of beachside fun. Beyond the festival in August, the campsite will accept reservations throughout the summer season, Tombre shared.

The Grassy Knoll is no stranger to hosting community events, having previously organized gatherings for Halloween, Pride month, and Shiba Fest—a fundraiser supporting the Shiba Sequoia Forest reforestation group. In preparation for its upcoming The Frosty Boyz 420 Party, the dispensary is currently setting the stage for a grand celebration. The event will feature a large tent equipped with a consumption lounge and a stage for musical performances by Frosty Boyz and seven other artists on Saturday, April 20th.

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