Port Huron Gears Up for Cannabis Retail and Lounge Openings

November 2nd, 2023 Business & Industry
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In the coming weeks, Port Huron is set to welcome the establishment of three new cannabis-related businesses, enriching the local marijuana landscape. The businesses set to open include two retail storefronts and a unique combination of a store and a consumption lounge, strategically located in distinct areas of the city.

Earlier this year, JARS Cannabis, Ox Tail Inc., and Exhibit Cannabis presented their cases before the city's planning commission to secure the necessary special use permits. Subsequently, construction activities for these establishments have been progressing through the summer and fall.

JARS Cannabis, after acquiring the provisional license for a retail location at the intersection of Huron Avenue and Quay Street in downtown Port Huron, has announced its intention to open by December 1st. Ally Galanty, a spokesperson for JARS, expressed excitement about completing the construction at the facility and mentioned that the recruitment process is underway. This establishment is poised to complement the burgeoning entertainment district which includes Wings Etc., Bootleggers Axe Co., and the MoonCursor speakeasy.

Meanwhile, Ox Tail Inc. is set to repurpose the erstwhile Ernest Camera Shoppe at 1600 Pine Grove Ave., aiming for a mid-January launch. The facility, to be named "Moses Roses," will replace the iconic circular camera shop. Chris Aiello, a partner at Ox Tail, shared that construction is in full swing and they are eager for the inauguration.

Exhibit Cannabis Co., on the other hand, is transforming a small office building at 1033 River St. The renovated establishment, sporting a solid black façade, will house a dispensary on the lower level and a lounge on the upper floor. Mark Aubrey of Exhibit Cannabis emphasized the modern aesthetic of the location, aptly named "the Exhibit", and its advantageous positioning by the Black River with ample parking space for over 60 cars.

The city had initially approved provisional licenses for seven operators across 10 locations, which also included two microbusinesses and marijuana processors, early in 2021. This decision was in accordance with the application scoring criteria approved by the voters in November 2020. However, legal challenges against the city regarding the scoring results briefly stalled the progress.

Despite ongoing legal disputes in the Michigan Court of Appeals, the city managed to proceed after a favorable circuit court order in January. Presently, only the aforementioned three establishments have made it past the planning commission stage.

The voter-endorsed ordinance, which still stands, had been proposed by an external committee and replaced a previous ordinance that was formulated with inputs from planning commissioners. The city's venture into the cannabis industry began with site visits to marijuana establishments in metro Detroit four years ago.

Commending Port Huron City Manager James Freed's initiatives, Aiello mentioned that Freed's diligent research played a pivotal role in shaping the city's cannabis landscape. Additionally, Aubrey indicated that more information about Exhibit Cannabis would be made available on their website and through a QR code at the River Street building in the near future.

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