Proposed Recreational Marijuana Microbusiness in Pinckney Awaits Approval

December 1st, 2023 Business & Industry Ryan Spegal
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In Pinckney, a proposal for a new recreational marijuana microbusiness, Essence, is underway. The village planning commission is scheduled to review a special land use permit application on December 4th. This review could lead to a recommendation for the village council to approve the land use in a subsequent meeting.

Northville resident Marco Lytwyn is spearheading the project. Lytwyn's plan involves establishing Essence as a comprehensive marijuana facility, encompassing the sale, cultivation, and processing of marijuana products. However, before Essence becomes operational, there are several procedural steps to be completed. These include obtaining a Class A marijuana microbusiness license from the village and receiving site plan approval.

The proposed location for Essence is a currently unoccupied plot at 1268 E. M-36, situated between popular fast-food chains Wendy's and Taco Bell. As of now, Lytwyn has opted not to make public comments before the planning commission meeting, where he is expected to present detailed plans.

Preliminary designs for Essence showcase a multifaceted facility. The layout includes a retail showroom, complete with a cashier area, waiting lobby, and check-in space. Additionally, the plans indicate dedicated areas for marijuana cultivation (grow room), storage, and processing activities.

Under Michigan law, Class A marijuana microbusinesses are permitted to cultivate up to 300 marijuana plants on-site. These businesses can also process and sell marijuana and marijuana-infused products to individuals aged 21 and over.

There is also potential for development on a second parcel at the proposed site, though its specific use remains unspecified at this time.

The village of Pinckney has recently expanded its marijuana business categories, following the state's inclusion of Class A marijuana microbusinesses. This amendment, passed on September 25th, is part of the village's broader approach to adapting to evolving state regulations on marijuana businesses, as explained by village Zoning Administrator Julie Durkin.

The Pinckney planning commission will conduct its review of Lytwyn's special land use permit request at Village Hall, located at 220 S. Howell St.

Current Marijuana Business Landscape in Pinckney

Since Pinckney voters approved a 2020 ballot measure allowing marijuana businesses, there has been a gradual increase in such establishments. The Means Project, currently under construction at the former Pinckney Elementary site, is notable for having secured three different types of marijuana business licenses: retail, processing, and grow operation. However, the progress of this project appears to have slowed.

Pinckney holds the distinction of being the first municipality in Livingston County to permit marijuana businesses, overturning a previous ban. The 2020 ballot measure passed with 54.3% approval.

Presently, Pinckney offers four types of marijuana business licenses: Class A microbusiness, another microbusiness category, a safety compliance facility, and a secure transportation operation. According to Village Clerk Jill Chapman, while there have been inquiries, no additional applications have been submitted.

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