Royal Oak Updates Cannabis Ordinance to Clarify Event Regulations

January 23rd, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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In a recent move to harmonize existing regulations, the Royal Oak City Commission has amended the city's marijuana ordinance, particularly focusing on the use of cannabis at special events. This change was prompted by the precedent set at last year's Arts, Beats and Eats festival, where the House of Dank was granted a special permit to operate a cannabis consumption and sales area. This marked the first instance of such a permit being issued in Royal Oak.

The amendment, unanimously voted in by the commissioners, was primarily aimed at resolving inconsistencies between the city's marijuana licensing ordinance and its zoning law. As explained by City Attorney Niccolas Grochowski, the alteration did not introduce new regulations but rather aligned the existing ones. This clarification was necessary, as the original ordinance could be interpreted as prohibiting the city from issuing special licenses for temporary marijuana events, despite the zoning ordinance explicitly allowing such permits.

Mayor Michael Fournier highlighted the need for these changes, pointing out previous confusions regarding the language in the marijuana and zoning ordinances. The amendment now clearly states that smoking or using marijuana is not prohibited at temporary marijuana events, provided they have been granted a permit by the City Commission.

This step is part of Royal Oak's broader journey to integrate recreational marijuana use and sales within the city, following Michigan's state-wide legalization in November 2018. Royal Oak, where 69 percent of voters supported the legalization, has been developing and refining its cannabis-related ordinances over the past few years, encompassing various aspects of commercial cannabis operations.

The decision to amend the ordinance reflects the city's ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving landscape of marijuana use and regulation, balancing legal compliance with the preferences expressed by its residents.

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