The Business and Science of Cannabis Explored in New Michigan Documentary

April 21st, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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The evolving cannabis industry in Michigan is the focus of a new documentary, "Cannabusiness: Marijuana on Main Street," which explores the commercial and scientific aspects of cannabis cultivation in the state. Set to premiere on Delta College Public TV at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23rd, the documentary was produced by Ron Beacom and Bob Przybylski, who have previously collaborated on other local projects. For those with a PBS Passport subscription, the 58-minute film is available for viewing immediately.

"Cannabusiness: Marijuana on Main Street" aims to provide a comprehensive view of the cannabis industry, balancing perspectives from both proponents and critics. "We're not saying we're in favor of it; we also hear from those who have concerns," Beacom explained, expressing his hope that viewers will find the documentary informative and balanced, shedding light on the complexities of the industry.

The documentary came about following the success of Beacom and Przybylski's previous film, "Breached," which focused on the dam breaches in May 2020. With roots in Midland and Bay City, the duo felt it was essential to highlight the recent developments in their communities and the broader region. Przybylski noted the accessibility and openness of industry insiders, which was initially unexpected. "We thought it was going to be hard to get people to talk with us," he said, "They were more than willing. They were really happy to talk with us."

Throughout the film, viewers are introduced to the business aspect of the cannabis industry, showcased during a conference at Soaring Eagle in Mount Pleasant, where Przybylski was struck by the prevalence of financial and legal advisors. He emphasized the significant economic impact, the scientific advancements in cultivation, and the growing employment opportunities within the local community. "I'm really proud of it," Przybylski remarked. "There's a lot of information, and I think people are going to be surprised about the amount of money involved, the science, but also about the employment opportunities that are getting into the community."

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