The Sweet, High Notes of Michigan’s Cannabis Culture

October 12th, 2023 Culture & Lifestyle
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You know you've made it big when your song becomes an anthem for an entire community. Michigan's own singer/songwriter, Sadie Bass, has been soaring to the sky-high stratosphere of the music industry with her hit "Wake N' Bake," backed with a catchy music video that was brought to life with the support of Laingsburg's Local Roots Cannabis and the iconic Michigan-based Redemption Cannabis.

Since the song's release, Bass hasn't just been taking a leisurely walk in the clouds. She's performed a jaw-dropping 56+ shows, spanning 18 states! Now, she's dialing up the heat in Nashville, collaborating with the big names of country music for her forthcoming album.

"Words can't describe how grateful I am to the Liskeys and the Local Roots team. 'Wake N' Bake' isn't just a song – it's a movement! Some folks down South seemed a tad bewildered by it, but music is a language open to interpretation," Bass commented with a chuckle. She even shared a light-hearted anecdote about a fan from Alabama who believed the song was a tribute to sunbathing – now, that's a different kind of baked!

Michigan and Nashville have become her two stomping grounds lately, as she prepares for her album launch and ensuing tour. When asked about her plans, Bass revealed, "There's a lot in the pipeline – from foot-tapping, high-octane numbers to groovy romantic ballads."

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