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September 22nd, 2023 Business & Industry
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In 2018, Michigan citizens cast a decisive vote, allowing legal marijuana use for adults. Since then, there's been growing anticipation about how the cannabis industry could blend seamlessly with Michigan's rural economic fabric.

The Northern Michigan towns of Gaylord, Kalkaska, and Mackinaw City have already tapped into this potential, embracing cannabis as an economic driver.

Adding to this list is the village of Wolverine in Cheboygan County. The latest entrant in the local cannabis market is The Corner Farmacy, strategically located on South Straits Highway beside the Wolverine Cabinet Co. This venture is the brainchild of Scott Mann, who secured the location with the help of Brian O'Connor of Wolverine Cabinet.

In a conversation about his venture, Mann stated, "Brian and I have forged a strong partnership. I believe our establishment can contribute significantly to Wolverine, both in terms of job creation and tax inflow."

The placement of The Corner Farmacy, just off I-75, holds significant potential according to Mann. "Given our closeness to I-75, we're in a prime position to attract customers, especially those heading downstate. With our current competitive offers, I believe many will stop by," he expressed.

Highlighting the shop's strategic location, Mann added, "Wolverine is nestled about 20 miles from Gaylord and in close proximity to Harbor Springs, Petoskey, and the Mackinac Bridge. Given our position in this recreational hub, there's a substantial audience to cater to, from daily commuters to those enjoying local recreational activities."

Recounting the journey of The Corner Farmacy, Mann revealed that the idea was initially proposed two years ago. Although he had also considered a consumption lounge, Mann prioritized the retail store. After collaborative discussions with village officials and addressing concerns of a few residents, Wolverine granted the project a thumbs-up.

"We envisioned a venture that would integrate seamlessly into the community, offering employment, and enhancing the local tax base," Mann commented.

Customers can expect a diverse product range at The Corner Farmacy, from widely recognized brands to locally-sourced 'mom-and-pop' goods. Presently, the store welcomes patrons from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. throughout the week, with considerations to expand the hours based on demand.

On a personal note, Mann admitted that he was unfamiliar with marijuana's benefits until a tragic car accident in 2015. Battling immense pain post the accident, Mann turned to marijuana as a therapeutic aid, averting the need for opioids. "A mere half joint before my physical therapy sessions made a world of difference. It was a game-changer for me," he concluded.

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